Warranty Terms and Conditions

Subject to the limitations below, Nationwide Parts Distributors, Inc. (NPD), expressly warrant to the original purchaser, from the date of delivery to the agreed upon ship to address, through the time period of the warranty, against the failure of the part as specifically described on the customer’s receipt due to defects in NPD materials or workmanship (a defective part). Any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose are limited to the extent allowed by law, and to the time period covered by this written warranty. If the purchaser complies with the terms of this warranty, NPD will repair or replace a defective part without additional shipping cost to you. NPD may at its discretion, provide a refund equal to the price paid for the part in lieu of repair or replacement of the part. The foregoing is the only sole and exclusive remedy under the terms of this warranty. This warranty applies only to parts installed by an independently owned and operated LICENSED AUTO REPAIR FACILITY.


ANY labor or Installation charges unless specified on the customer’s receipt and in the recorded order verification system.

Incidental or consequential damages including but not limited to, damage to or the cost of related parts, loss of income, travel expenses, loss of transportation, towing fees, rental vehicles or diagnostics are not covered by this warranty.

Parts installed in vehicles that are raced or used off-road are not covered by this warranty.

This warranty does not cover damage or failure arising directly or indirectly from improper installation which are not in accordance with the Original Equipment Manufacturer specifications or related vehicle problems, misuse, maintenance, neglect, abuse, overheating, vandalism, abnormal operation, environmental conditions, accident or any damage which was apparent and not reported at the time of delivery.

This warranty does not cover freight costs or similar damages.

General Limitations

This warranty is extended only to the original purchaser and not transferable. You must be able to provide an original receipt in your name for the warranty claim to be considered.

Any repairs not authorized in writing by NPD will void the warranty.

We reserve the right to have the part inspected to ensure that all pertinent provisions of this warranty have been met prior to any replacement, repair or refund.

This Warranty is Null and Void IF:

Part or assembly is not installed within thirty (30) days of delivery to the agreed upon ship to address. Failures are caused by non-covered components, improper installation, failure to clear computer codes, defective workmanship (installer), usage for which the part was not intended, improper maintenance (i.e. using the incorrect types and levels of fluids and lubricants, as specified by the vehicle’s manufacturer) and/or not following manufacturer’s Technical Service Bulletins, installation instructions and care and use requirements.

Product is installed in an application for which the vehicle manufacturer did not intend it

Failure is caused by towing a trailer or other vehicle unless your vehicle is equipped for this purpose as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.

Product is installed or operated outside of the United States or Canada.

Failure is caused by or related to a collision, fire, theft, vandalism, riot, explosion, lightning, earthquake, windstorm, hail, water, freezing, flood or any other Act of God.

Failure is caused by neglect, abuse, misuse, racing (whether on road or off-road) or modifications. There is evidence that the vehicle was continually operated after a failure occurred.

The engine heat tabs are missing, tampered with, melted, misplaced or otherwise not as originally installed.

This part may have accessories that are attached and must be switched or removed to accommodate proper installation, which is the responsibility of the installer. Such accessories are


NOT covered by this warranty.

This limited warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights, which vary from state to state.

NPD does not authorize any person to create for it any obligation or liability in connection with this warranty.

In the case of engines, this warranty is limited to defects to only the block, heads, pistons, crankshaft, camshafts, valves, rockers, connecting rods and other internal lubricated parts. All other parts that may be provided are considered accessories and extra parts. NO warranty is provided for any such parts that are attached, including, but not limited to parts such as solenoids, injectors, switches, sensors, cables, electronics, belts, hoses, water pumps or manifolds.

In the case of Electronic Control Modules, this warranty is limited to defects in work performed by Repair Technicians on the control module. It does not apply to any other parts or systems of the vehicle, any defects not disclosed to us by the customer, new defects, different defects or the result of any module or module related failures.

General Disclaimer about Used Parts

Unless indicated as New, Remanufactured or Rebuilt, you have ordered a used part. The industry standard for a used part warranty is:

Parts are warrantied to be the correct part and in working order. No warranty or guarantee is made towards the appearance or condition of a part unless otherwise noted on the receipt or delivery ticket.

If New, Remanufactured or Rebuilt is indicated, the warranty will be null and void if the part has been installed or attempted to be installed and is being returned for any other reason than the part is mechanically defective.


Filing a Warranty Claim on Defective or Incorrect Part

Warranty holder must contact NPD as soon as possible at (800) 486-0922, for complete instructions on filing a warranty claim.

This warranty is extended only to the original purchaser and is not transferable.

You must be able to provide an original receipt from NPD, in your name for the warranty claim to be considered.

You must also provide all original installation receipts to NPD.

Any repairs not authorized by NPD in writing will void the warranty.

If a part fails in normal use or service, NPD has the option to repair the part, furnish a replacement part or refund the price of the part at its sole  discretion.

Any claim on a defective or incorrect part must be made within the warranty period.

We reserve the right to have the part returned to the supplier for verification that it is the same part they sent and is indeed defective. Upon its return, the part must be in the same condition as when sold.

It is agreed that the sole determiner of condition for return is the supplier of the part. No refund or exchange can be made until supplier has verified the part’s condition.


All customer refunds will be made to the original credit card provided at the time of sale. Any customer request for a refund to an alternate credit card must be made in writing using the Nationwide Parts Distributors from provided to the customer. Any customer refund request to be issued by check on orders processed by credit card will incur a 3% service charge and must be made in writing using the Nationwide Parts Distributors form provided to the customer. The customer must attach a copy of the credit card used for the transaction and a copy of their Driver’s License.


There are NO returns on altered, disassembled, overheated parts or parts that fail due to failure  to lubricate properly.

New and remanufactured parts may come with additional warranty conditions and limitations that must also be followed, to avoid voiding all warranties on the part.

Buyer’s remedy against seller shall only be return of the price of the part or replacement of the part.

Core Return Policy

There are no core refunds on cores, if core is not able to be reworked to operate within manufacturer’s specifications. Core must be returned within thirty (30) days of receipt of part in order to receive a core refund. *Cores and parts left at NPD in excess of forty-five (45) days, become the property of NPD.

Freight Damage Claims

Any claims of freight damage must be noted with the freight carrier’s driver name at time of delivery on the documents from the freight carrier. In most cases NPD will initiate a freight damage claim for the buyer provided the buyer did note with freight carrier the damage  at the time of receipt. If not noted at time or receipt, a claim may be made on behalf of the buyer, but the part may not be warranted and any claim acceptance or denial is at the discretion of the freight carrier.

Cancelled Orders

Orders cannot be cancelled after the order has been received by the shipping carrier. In such events, the customer will be liable for freight charges and a 20% restocking fee. If an order is cancelled before it is received by the freight carrier, the customer may still be responsible for a restocking fee. Customer is always responsible for returning the part at their own expense.  Freight collect deliveries will not be accepted and will become the responsibility of the  customer.

Special Orders

There are no returns or refunds on special orders. Exchange may be made at the discretion of  the supplier.


If technical or mechanical advice is offered or given in connection with the purchase, it will be as an accommodation to the purchaser and without charge. The seller and/or supplier shall have no responsibilities or liabilities whatsoever for the content or use of such advice.

The following are Industry standards and policies for warranty consideration:

  • All used parts or merchandise must be inspected by buyer for defects or safety
  • There are no guarantees or warranties on used merchandise for apparent or non-apparent safety
  • Used parts or merchandise may have defects and it is the responsibility of the buyer to inspect for actual or latent hazards or hire an expert to so
  • The use of the part for diagnostic purposes voids all
  • Warranties are not All claims must be made by the original purchaser.
  • Parts ordered in error by the customer will be subject to restocking fees and freight It is ultimately the customer’s responsibility to know and order the exact part needed.

Jurisdiction, Venue, and Arbitration

All disputes and controversies of every kind and nature between NPD and Purchaser arising out of or relating to this agreement, transaction or purchase, shall be settled by


mandatory binding arbitration in Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida, in accordance with Florida arbitration law. The arbitrator shall be an arbitrator mutually agreeable to the parties, or if the parties cannot agree, an arbitrator appointed by the Court. Jurisdiction and venue for any and all disputes and controversies between the parties shall be in Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida, and decided in accordance with the Florida law. The prevailing party in any arbitration proceeding or court matter shall be entitled to reimbursement for reasonable attorney fees and costs, defined to include fees paid to arbitrators and expert witnesses.

DISPUTES – All costs relating to transaction disputes will be passed onto the  purchaser.

RETURNS AND EXCHANGES – (Applies to Warranty and Non-Warranty Claims)

You may return a part for refund for any reason within thirty (30) days from the delivery date provided that the part has not been installed and the part is in its original  condition.

You will be charged for the cost of return shipping and a restocking fee equal to 20% of the original sale price.

Any request for return or exchange after installation is subject to the stated warranty guidelines. You must notify NPD by telephone prior to returning a part. This applies to all returns whether for warranty reasons or other reasons.

NPD will pay the return shipping for valid warranty claims only if the carrier is dispatched  by NPD or one of its suppliers.

NPD accepts no returns or exchanges other than that expressed in the warranty statement on our receipt Specific Part Information

USED CARBURETORS are warranted to be a re-buildable core only unless otherwise noted. USED CYLINDER HEADS are warranted to be free of cracks and to be re-buildable only unless otherwise noted.

ELECTRICAL PARTS are warranted for exchange only, no refunds allowed. The part must be tested by the supplier to ensure it is defective and not made so, by another component on your vehicle. There are no warranties on overheated, burned, shorted, or overloaded parts. NPD assumes no responsibility for improper installation, faulty regulator or poor electrical connections.

Used ECM’s, ECU’s, PCM’s are sold as no replacement or refund. We guaranty the ECM was functional at the time of vehicle disassembly.

They are sold replacement only, no refund, when rebuilt or remanufactured.

We do not guaranty that any part we provide will fix your vehicle due to misdiagnosis or other causes unrelated to the part purchased from NPD or that the part is programmed and ready to install.

REPAIRED OR REMANUFACTURED CONTROL MODULES are sold with a limited warranty as long as all other stipulations in this document are adhered. Proper warranty procedures must be adhered to and followed.

BODY PARTS are not sold as a color match part. In some cases parts may be supplied in like color, but all painted body parts are sold with the expectation that the purchaser is going to refinish and paint the part. They are guaranteed not to rust through during the warranty period.

USED HEADLIGHTS are not guaranteed to be clear.

ENGINES, TRANSMISSIONS, DRIVE AXLES and DIFFERENTIALS all require that all installation and ongoing maintenance procedures be followed.


ENGINE AND ENGINE ASSEMBLIES are sold as a long block assembly only unless otherwise stated on the receipt and the order verification system. A long block assembly includes the short block and cylinder head(s). Any other parts that are included are not warranted. It is required that all installation and ongoing manufacturer’s maintenance procedures are to be  followed.

USED TRANSMISSIONS require that all installation and ongoing maintenance procedures are to be followed.

USED ENGINE PARTS such as heads, blocks, cranks, etc. are guaranteed to have no cracks and to be remachineable to within manufacturer’s specifications. Valves, springs, studs, pins, gears, nuts, bolts, etc. are not guaranteed.

RADIATORS and HEATERS are guaranteed against leaks and coolant flow restrictions provided that all other coolant components are performing as required. The warranty does not include damage to radiator that does not interfere with its function. No other warranty  applies.

 BRAKE PARTS are guaranteed to be remachinable within manufacturer’s specifications. No guarantee on hardware such as shoes, pads, springs, bearings, etc.

A/C COMPRESSORS are warrantied only if a new receiver dryer is installed.

TURBOCHARGERS are warrantied only if new oil feed and return lines are installed.



ê       All installations must be done by an independently owned and operated LICENSED AUTO REPAIR FACILITY.

ê    To validate the warranty on this part, installation must be completed within thirty (30) days of delivery date and work indicated must be performed and documented at time of installation.

ê       Upon initiating  a warranty claim,  you  will  be required to provide appropriate    record of installation date, mileage, VIN and mechanic.

ê       Maintenance receipts or proof of maintenance must be provided as part of    the warranty claim process.

ê           Other documentation may be requested as well.

Engines, Engine Assemblies and Long Block Assemblies

Engines are understood to consist of a short block assembly and cylinder heads only. Any other parts left on the engine at the time of delivery are not covered by warranty of any type. The installer should transfer all components from the original engine to the replacement engine. Any components known to be inoperable need to be replaced.


ê       New water pump, new thermostat, new timing belt, new front and rear main seals on used and reconditioned engines must be installed.

ê       Oil strainer and pick up screen must be cleaned or replaced prior to installation.

ê       Thoroughly clean all units such as oil pan, timing cover, rocker arm covers, intake manifold and any other parts that may need cleaning before reassembling.

ê       Replace oil filter and oil.  Do not use synthetic oil during the break-in period.  Do   not use synthetic oil if the manufacturer recommends against it.

ê       Replace all tune-up items such as plugs, cap, rotor, fuel and air filters, PCV valve and other specific items to the engine.

ê       Check and adjust valves and timing to factory specifications.

ê       Fuel lines should be checked for debris and flow.

ê       Inspect wire harness for broken wires or insulation damage.

ê       Always remember to prime oil pump and oil lines.

ê       Change your oil and filter after the first 500 miles and every 3000 miles  thereafter.

ê       Catalytic converter must be inspected to make sure it is not clogged. A defective converter can cause damage to piston rings and internal bearings.

ê           Check all cooling components such as hoses, freeze plugs, radiator and coolant. Radiator should be cleaned or replaced. Blow out intake ports to remove any loose particles that may fall into cylinder head and cause damage.

Engine Start-Up Procedure

ê       Remove all spark plugs.

ê       Remove oil sending unit switch.

ê       Crank the engine until oil comes out oil sending unit switch hole.

ê       If oil won’t come out, spray the oil sending unit switch hole with oil or penetrating lubricant to prevent dry start.

ê       After oil comes out, replace oil sending unit switch and crank engine for one to two minutes, until oil pressure is normal.


ê           Replace spark  plugs  then start  engine,  do not  accelerate above idle until     normal oil pressure is reached.

Important to remember

ê       Oil and oil filter must be changed before start up and then again after 500 miles  and then every 3000 miles thereafter.

ê       Receipts for lubricants, filters and service will be required.

ê       Failure to perform these operations voids warranty.

ê           Follow the periodic maintenance as set forth by manufacturer specifications to  keep your warranty intact. Receipts for lubricants, filters and service will be required.

Automatic Transmissions

ê       Replace with all new external seals, pan gasket, and filter (where  applicable).

ê       Replace or flush cooler and lines in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer guidelines. (This includes reviewing the latest Technical Service Bulletins for the vehicle.)

ê       Fill transmission and differential final drive assembly to the proper level using proper fluids in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer guidelines.

ê       Reset computer codes.

ê           Adjust shifter mechanisms.

Manual Transmissions:

ê       Replace all seals, clutch, pressure plate, release bearing and pilot bearing.

ê       Fill transmission and differential final drive assembly to the proper level using proper fluids in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer guidelines.

ê           Adjust shifter mechanisms.

Axle Assemblies and Transfer Cases

ê       Replace seals and cover gasket (where applicable).

ê           Fill  to  the  proper  level  using  proper  fluids  in  accordance  with vehicle manufacturer guidelines. All tires on the vehicle must be the same size as recommended by manufacturer for the vehicle.

Electrical Parts

ê       Follow manufacturer’s instructions and Technical Service Bulletins     when  installing the particular electrical part.

Control Modules

ê       Technical Service Bulletins and manufacturer’s installation instructions must be  followed.

A/C Compressors

ê       Replace the receiver/Dryer with a new unit.

Turbo Units

ê       Replace the oil feed and return tubing with new tubing.


Labor Service Agreement


The following defines the terms of National Parts Wholesalers’ Six (6) month, Twelve (12) month, Eighteen

(18) month and Twenty-four (24) month Labor Service Agreement (LSA).

If You have selected and paid Us the corresponding LSA fee, then We agree that all the terms and conditions contained in the National Parts Wholesalers Parts Replacement Warranty provided with Your order apply to this LSA, subject to the following additional terms and  conditions:

ê This LSA begins on the date of delivery of Your part to the agreed ship to address and shall end either 6, 12, 18 or 24 months after the original delivery date and covers the repair or replacement of the part or assembly described on Your original order or in Our OVS.

ê    We have no obligations to anyone except to the customer named on the original order. This LSA  is (a) non-transferable, and (b) non-refundable after the part or Assembly has been installed in a vehicle.

ê       This LSA covers labor only to the extent described below in the definition of  Labor.

ê           For this LSA to be valid, your original order must indicate (a) the coverage period of 6, 12,  18, or 24 months, and (b) the accurate odometer mileage of the vehicle as on the date of the  order.

Mileage is limited as follows during the applicable LSA period:

If you purchased 6 months of LSA coverage, the LSA will terminate the earlier of either 6 months after the date of delivery, or 12,000 additional miles on the vehicle’s odometer.

If you purchased 12 months of LSA coverage, the LSA will terminate the earlier of either 12 months after the date of delivery, or 24,000 additional miles on the Vehicle’s odometer.

If you purchased 18 months of LSA coverage, the LSA will terminate the earlier of either 18 months after the date of delivery or 36,000 additional miles on the Vehicle’s odometer.

If you purchased 24 months of LSA coverage, the LSA will terminate the earlier of either 24 months after the date of delivery or 48,000 additional miles on the Vehicle’s odometer.

KEY TERMS (When used, Key Terms will appear in bold print)

You and Your mean the customer named on your original order.

We, Us, NPD and Our mean Nationwide Parts 6873 Phillips Industrial Blvd., Jacksonville, FL 32256.

Assembly applies to engines including just the cylinder block, cylinder heads and all internal lubricated parts and or transmissions including only the case and all internal lubricated parts and or front axles or rear axles including just the housing, axles, internal gears and bearings and or transfer cases including only the housing, internal components and internal electronics and or carrier assemblies including only  the housing, gear set, case with non-removable stub axles and flanges purchased by You for installation in a vehicle to be used for private passenger use only.

Breakdown means the failure of the part or assembly described on your original order due to a defect in material.

OVS means NPD’s automated order verification system.

Repairer means an independently owned and operated Licensed Repair Facility located within the United States.

Vehicle means the car or light truck in which the part or assembly was originally  installed.

Labor means NPD will reimburse the repairer up to $50.00 per hour for the repair of the part or assembly covered by this LSA. These charges shall not exceed 100% of the part or assembly price as indicated on the original order, and the applicable number of hours derived from labor allowances as published in the ALLDATA labor time allowance manuals for the specific part or Assembly.

At Our discretion, replacement parts used in covered repairs may include new, remanufactured, used, non-original manufacturer’s equipment and or aftermarket parts that meet our quality  standards.

Replacement part mileage may be equal to or greater than that of the original part or Assembly purchased from us.



This LSA will immediately terminate upon the occurrence of any of the events described in the National Parts Wholesalers Parts Replacement Warranty under the caption ‘THIS WARRANTY NULL AND VOID IF’.

What to do if you have a claim

All Breakdowns must be promptly reported by you to us by calling (800) 486-0922. You must follow all of the instructions described in the National Parts Wholesalers Parts Replacement Warranty under the caption Filing a Claim.